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SLE’s ( Schoolwide Learning Expectations)

A graduate of Nativity School is:


A Christocentric Individual Who:

• Values a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
• Has an understanding of Scripture
• Leads a prayerful life, participates in the liturgy and serves in various ministries.
• Is able to witness to the faith by example and pass it on to others.
• Has knowledge of, and lives, the beliefs, and practices of the Catholic Church.
• Respects and appreciates all of God’s creation


An Academically Prepared Individual Who:

• Progresses to the best of his/her ability level
• Develops organizational and study skills
• Aims to master grade level standards
• Welcome academic challenges with confidence
• Applies critical thinking and problem-solving effectively
• Values technology and applies it according to the Christian values.
• Forms and appreciation of the arts
• Believes that learning is a life-long process


An Effective Communicator who:

• Writes effectively
• Speaks clearly
• Listens respectfully
• Observe attentively


A Person of Peace and Justice who:

• Is committed to helping others grow and become
the person God intended us to be
• Is aware of problems in the world
• Is eager to give time, talents and resources to those in need
• Is aware that choices have an effect on others
• Appreciates cultural diversity
• Knows and applies strategies for peaceful conflict resolution


A Physically Aware Person Who:

• Has positive self-esteem
• Develops good hygiene and health habits
• Makes choices that lead to emotional, spiritual and physical well-being
• Demonstrates good sportsmanship


A Person of Character Who:

• Is trustworthy
• Shows respect
• Acts responsibly
• Displays fairness
Cares for others
• Practice good citizenship