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Mission & Philosophy


We believe that God created each one of us for a purpose.
We are committed to helping one another
grow and become the person
God intended us to be.

Nativity School Philosophy

The faculty of Nativity School believes that the end result of all good education is the growth and maturity of the whole person. We believe that God calls each student to a unique destiny in this world and a glorified life in the world to come. We believe that our goal as Christian educators is to pave the way to brotherly/sisterly association with other people so that genuine unity and peace on earth may be promoted.

In implementing our philosophy we recognize:

  1. The importance of helping the students grow in an awareness of God’s love for them and their value as unique persons
  2. The need to prepare students for heaven, college and career
  3. The necessity of leading the students to respond to the call of God by:
  • Seeing God’s will in their lives
  • Developing an awareness of the reality of the world of faith, prayer and worship
  • Possessing a deep love for, and loyalty to Church, family, and country, with a growing desire to pass on to posterity the best these have to offer
  • Recognizing their responsibility to work zealously and perseveringly to develop their spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical talents, for the glory of God, and for their own happiness and fulfillment
  • Realizing the importance of making decisions and commitments and being able to live with the outcome
  • Living the gospel values and witnessing to these values in their lives

The Nativity faculty and staff believe that by virtue of the promise, which the parents, in conjunction with the godparents, verbalized at the baptism of their child, it is the primary duty of the parents to be the educators of their child in matters of faith, morals, and Catholic upbringing. Hence, we perform our services in collaboration with the parents of our students. On account of this, we strive to maintain an open channel of communication with the parents, encouraging them to be actively involved in the educational program.